Color Explosion

Let your imagination BLOW your mind!

Who I Am

My name is Dani Stuber. I am an abstract painter who grew up in Iowa, United States. I have always been passionate about art, in particular, abstract art. My fascination with abstraction began when I was given a project in the 6th grade by my art teacher. For the project we were told to draw different shapes, lines and colors on a piece of paper and make them into a design. My final composition was selected to be put on display at the Des Moines Art Center that year. It was at this point that I encountered an undeniable love for abstract art. During my senior year, during AP Art  (advance placement art), I began to intensely experiment with painting to find my style. I have chosen abstract painting because I prefer experimenting and creating what you do not normally see.

My creativity is my strength. I create solely on spontaneity; I do not plan my paintings. I enjoy opening up my imagination and creating, from scratch, colorful pieces of art. Every time I buy a canvas, I tend to wonder, “What wild creation will this white canvas become?”

I want my viewers to have a unique “color explosion” experience. I want to bring happiness to their life through the colors that burst out of my paintings. A goal of mine is to manifest color into peoples homes and society. I hope to show the whole world how to love color! Without color, life would just be a very boring place, but when you put color in the mix, life is a whole new adventure!

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What I Do

I create abstract paintings incorporating lots of vibrant and bold colors combined with different shapes and patterns. Following this concept, I have decided to name my collection “Color Explosion” because I truly believe that colors have a hidden power of spreading happiness and changing the mood of people around us. In fact, when discovering my paintings I want to stimulate the viewers and let them look at the world from a different perspective, escape and let their mind freely dig into the world of imagination.

In terms of techniques, I mostly use acrylic on canvas because it gives me more flexibility as the acrylic paint dries fairly fast which allows me to bring out the boldness of each color pattern. Because I have a strong attention to details, I found that using tape to outline the geometrical shapes and forms is the best method for my style. I constantly try to develop relationships and contrasts in my patterns and give lots of depth to the painting.


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Recent Works

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