One word to describe me  (“Abstract by Dani”) is COLOR. I am obsessed with color! I believe that everyone deserves and needs to have vibrant color palette in their life. I strive to make new complex color designs by challenging myself to make each composition more elaborate then the previous. I enjoy painting the unusual and creating a journey to a world made of contrast, depth and boldness.

In the fall of 2010, I received my Bachelor of Art and Design degree from Iowa State University. Growing up, I lived in West Des Moines, Iowa where my dreams of becoming an artist were inspired at a young age. I have had a passion for art since the very beginning. My favorite class, even in elementary school, was art class. In fact, I remember running straight for the art room during recess! My fascination with abstraction began when I was given a project in the 6th grade by my art teacher. For the project we were told to draw different shapes, lines and colors on a piece of paper and make them into a design. My final composition was selected to be put on display at the Des Moines Art Center that year. It was at this point that I encountered an undeniable love for abstract art.

During my sophomore year of high school I took my first actual painting class. I realized then that I had an indescribable love for painting and a yearning to produce art. During my senior year, I chose to take AP Art (advanced placement art). I was eligible for AP Art as a senior because I built an incredible foundation made up of art classes throughout my high school career. It was now as an artist that I began to focus entirely on painting. After college, I moved to Switzerland, for three months, where I centered my attention on painting while traveling throughout Europe gaining knowledge of European art. During the summer-fall 2013, I ventured to New York City in order to feel the vibrance of the art scene in the Big Apple. This enriching experience gave me the opportunity to expand my portfolio and reach the next level. Constantly seeking new challenges and adventures, I decided to move back to Zurich, Switzerland, the hub of art in Europe. With a bit of luck and a great deal of ambition, I set up my own studio in my apartment where I have all the tools to increase the number of pieces in my portfolio. In 2017, I had the opportunity to participate in the Art International Zurich exhibition.

When starting a new project I eagerly jump in and let my creativity do the rest. I am always excited about starting a new piece! To begin, I take my pencil and drag it multiple times across the canvas; I like to see what type of design I come up with. Before proceeding, I decide, on the spot, what colors I feel would look best in each section, along with what color would look best next to each color. On occasion, I will explore different designs with thumbnails, but I prefer to dive in and see what I can come up with in the heat of the moment. When creating a new piece I thrive off of the energy I experience during the “not knowing stage”. I enjoy not being able to see what the finished artwork will ultimately become.

My canvases consist of solid, bold, crisp colors. In order to get the purest concentration of color that I desire, I use multiple layers of paint. Throughout my years of painting, I have become very passionate about intense color use in my artwork. I believe that solid, bold colors create an extreme experience. I experiment with shapes and form while leveraging the contrast potential that each color has with one another. The end result is a marvelous explosion of magical hues and shapes.

In life, not one person thinks alike. For that reason, I chose to not title my artwork. I want each viewer to get what they, themselves, see out of the painting before them; not get distracted by what the title has to say.  I hope each of my viewers experience different feelings of emotion when they come into contact with my artwork. I want my viewers to build their own story of joy and excitement. Every time one of my viewers observes the same piece of artwork I want a new interpretation to unfold.


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