Start of “Composition 30” (Commissioned piece)

Start of “Composition 30” (Commissioned piece)

It has been some time since I had my last commissioned piece. Lately, I have been focused on producing more artwork to be added to my collection. But, the time has come, and I am ecstatic that my next painting will be a commissioned piece.

The requirements for this piece are quite simple. They requested the canvas to be approximately 18 X 24 inches in size. As that is the best size to fit on their wall. Next, they mentioned that I am free to be me and create! I am always elated when a customer gives full freedom and is confident in my creativity.

So far, the design for this piece has come along rather quickly. This does not always happen when coming up with a new design. Sometimes I have to draw many, many sketches before I am able to see something I like. So I am quite happy and excited to see where this artwork transpires.

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