“Composition 30” (Commissioned piece) – Completed!

“Composition 30” (Commissioned piece) – Completed!

I am ecstatic to have finished my newest commissioned piece. It is always a joy to create a piece for someone, knowing they will be viewing this artwork in their home everyday. My creativity gets pumped up and it makes it easier for the design to come together.

Throughout the journey of this piece, I was in contact with the client. I was sending frequent picture updates showing the different stages of the process to make the client feel more involved with the piece. Previously, I had waited to reveal the artwork to the client until the very end.

I am beyond thrilled with the way the design came together for this piece. To be honest, I’m quite sad this artwork is not apart of my collection for how much I love this design. The way the shapes connect to one another and fit like a puzzle, makes for a unique composition.

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