“Composition 29” – Completed!

“Composition 29” – Completed!

“Composition 29” is composed of two canvases, each at 70 X 70 cm. The goal was to create a piece that didn’t contain too many canvases, but still incorporate a big design. I wanted to be able to complete this piece in time for it to be on display for my exhibition in Vienna from May 3rd to 23rd 2021 at The gallery-Steiner.

In the design of this painting, I wanted to give the viewer a new outlook on the pattern I create. This time I chose to in-large the pattern or what I like to call a “zoom-in” of the pattern. The large shapes help to bring out the boldness of the design.

The yellow, bright, line that goes around the piece was intended to help entice the eye to move from one section to the next. Furthermore, the bold, center, orange shape was meant to capture the eye into connecting both canvases together. Each shape was carefully designed with the aim at generating movement. As with all my artwork, the purpose of each is to create movement with bold and crisp shapes.

“Composition 29” was my final piece to be represented in my exhibition at The gallery-Steiner in Vienna, Austria.

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