Start of “Composition 31”

Start of “Composition 31”

Unfortunately, this will be the last painting I will be completing before my second child is born this coming November. As with my first, I will be taking a break from painting to focus on motherhood and the new challenges it will bring.

Unlike my previous paintings, I have chosen to do this painting for me. (but it will of course be available for sale if anyone would be interested). This piece will be hung in one of my bathrooms in my house. At the moment, the wall is very bare and I would like some art to “spice it up.”

The sizes and space between the canvases correlate to the space available on the wall. I have decided to have four canvases, each 40 X 40 cm each, with 15 cm spacing in between. For the design, I would like to incorporate big, bold shapes. I’m not looking for this piece to be too technical with the design, but we will see what I come up with.

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