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My name is Dani Stuber. I am an abstract painter who grew up in Iowa, United States. I have always been passionate about art, in particular, abstract art. My fascination with abstraction began when I was given a project in the 6th grade by my art teacher. For the project we were told to draw different shapes, lines and colors on a piece of paper and make them into a design. My final composition was selected to be put on display at the Des Moines Art Center that year. It was at this point that I encountered an undeniable love for abstract art. During my senior year, during AP Art  (advance placement art), I began to intensely experiment with painting to find my style. I have chosen abstract painting because I prefer experimenting and creating what you do not normally see.

My creativity is my strength. I create solely on spontaneity; I do not plan my paintings. I enjoy opening up my imagination and creating, from scratch, colorful pieces of art. Every time I buy a canvas, I tend to wonder, “What wild creation will this white canvas become?”

I want my viewers to have a unique “color explosion” experience. I want to bring happiness to their life through the colors that burst out of my paintings. A goal of mine is to manifest color into peoples homes and society. I hope to show the whole world how to love color! Without color, life would just be a very boring place, but when you put color in the mix, life is a whole new adventure!

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  1. Terry Christenson

    Dani, will you give me done info on size and cost of your paintings. I would love to buy one!

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