Start of “Composition 18”

Start of “Composition 18”


On January 3rd, 2014 I had my civil marriage in Des Moines, Iowa.  I am legally married!  My now husband is originally from Switzerland and ended up finding a full-time job in Zurich.  So off to Switzerland we go.

My main focus for now is, of course, my art, as well as, learning German.  For the fact that I am not Swiss and don’t know German, it’s difficult to find a job right away. But that’s fine with me because I would rather focus my time on producing more work for my collection.  In our new apartment, I have my own space dedicated to my studio where I can work on my paintings. The cool thing is that we’re on the first floor and people walking outside can see me while I paint. This is funny.

For my next pieces, I want to experiment working with a large canvases. For this one, the size that I chose was 140 X 100 cm (metric system now that I am in Europe).  Funny fact, I couldn’t have gone bigger even if I wanted to because the canvas almost didn’t fit in the car.  But then again, European cars are much smaller than American cars.

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