“Composition 26” (Commissioned Piece) – Completed!

“Composition 26” (Commissioned Piece) – Completed!

Finally after a long year of preparing for the art show, I was able to complete a new piece, and a commissioned one at that. It feels good to work on a new painting. As requested, the client told me she favored the color lime green which I used it throughout the painting. In fact, the only parts that have black lining are the lime green shapes to help the color come out more. Usually, I tend to use as many colors as possible but this time I decided to chose five other colors that I think work best with lime green. The client is interested in flowers and nature so I decided to incorporate the shapes to resemble it in an abstract way.

When working on the painting I had originally positioned it in landscape but after presenting to the client she decided the horizontal way worked better for her. That is a feature of my concept, viewers can turn it around and recognize new patterns.

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