“Composition 22” (Novopac)-Completed!

“Composition 22” (Novopac)-Completed!


On July 3rd, 2015 I presented my painting for Novopac’s 25th year anniversary. Below is the speech that I gave the owner and the team:

“A quarter of a century is an important milestone. I am extremely happy to present you this painting to commemorate Novopac’s great achievement.

For this project, Pierre had only one single requirement; he wanted a painting that represents the fundamental value of Novopac:

Authenticity: The different design patterns around the company’s logo symbolize a sample of Novopac’s most successful products. Those product serve the needs of customers by packaging their food and noon-food goods. This means that Novopac’s products have to convey the exact value of authenticity.

Flexibility: The designs of the packaging are painted in all possible positions. Just like the company, these patterns are not restricted by rigorous processes and standardization.  Also, anyone can interpret the shapes in the painting the way he or she wants, and the flexibility and creativity in these shapes is infinite as well. Novopac is similar in lots of ways; the company can very quickly react to market trends and to the needs of its customers.

Innovation: Within each design, different combinations of colors and patterns are defined. This offers a symbol for the exchange of ideas that the teams at Novopac generate. Today’s innovative ideas will define the success of tomorrow and will strengthen the market position of the company.

In addition, I have tried to integrate lots of information from the company’s website in order to offer a complete picture of Novopac’s history and its bright future.

I had a lot of fun completing this challenging project and I hope that Pierre will find a nice spot on the wall to hang this painting.”

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